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Effective Storage Solutions in Okotoks, AB

You have worked hard to farm your land. Don Friesen – Agricultural Construction Consultant works hard to help you properly store your grains, potatoes, equipment, and everything else on your farm. With our storage solutions in Okotoks, AB, you are able to rest easy knowing that you have the cold storage, farm buildings, and grain storage bins necessary to make your hard work pay off.
There are many different types of buildings that can help you improve the way you store your equipment and crops. By working with Donnie, you are able to figure out the best additions for your space. This optimizes the way you and your farm operates and reduces damage to your yields or equipment.

Cold Storage for Your Crops

Slow down the aging process of your crops by having Donnie help you create your very own cold storage facility. Built based upon the size and needs of your farm, these customized facilities create a secure and safe area for your crops that keeps them out of the damaging elements.
When left out under the sun, your crops can begin to wither away. Cold storage protects them after they have been harvested and keeps them safe until they are ready to be used or sold. Donnie understands the needs of farmers. That is why he works hard to exceed your expectations.

Steel Grain Storage Bins

When you farm grain; you are going to need the very best grain storage bins to store your harvest. Donnie is ready to assist you in finding the best grain storage solutions for your farm’s particular needs. He has access to top-quality galvanized steel bins that protect your grain from the elements until it can be used or sold.
There are many different options for you to choose from when you work with Donnie. You can browse a selection of flat bottom and hopper grain storage bins. All of these bins come in a range of sizes that are suitable to your needs.

Contact us for more information about our different storage solutions. Donnie is proud to assist farmers located throughout the Okotoks, Alberta, area.